Return & exchange policy。退貨及換貨政策

Return and exchange policy
As part of our commitment to customer service, we offers a fair return policy. In case that you receive an item that has a flaw or defect, please notify within 7 days of when you receiving your purchase. Please email us or send us a WhatsApp message with the photo and explanation of damages. Without proof of defect/purchase, the item cannot be exchanged or returned.  Once reviewed, we will get a replacement to you as quickly as possible.

If returning an item(s), must include or parts, pieces and any printed materials in order to be eligible for a fund. 

  • Only one time exchange
  • There is no refund. If the relevant product is not returned because it is sold out. Please select any product of equal value or higher price and pay the price differences. Once reviewed, the replacement will be on the way. 

The product will not be returned if they are damaged due to improper use. 

Towel and soap are non-exchangeable due to the hygiene concerns.

There may be slightly variations of the smell and colour due the season, soil and growing conditions. The essential oil that we use are purely nature. If it is requested to return due to the above reasons, it will not be accepted.

If you’ve used more than 20% of the product, no refund can be given.

Please ensure you are suitable for use with this product. If there’s any skin allergy, we have no liability and no return. If there’s any concern before purchasing, please email us or  ask for doctors advice. 

Flash sale, limited offer and redemption offer, and cash coupons are not exchangeable. 

Once we reviewed, please return the goods with the invoice of purchase and ID to LWY handmade store office for an exchange. Third party is not accepted. 

Before we accepting the return goods, we must check and clarify the goods meet the above requirement. Once everything is reviewed, we will arrange the return.

LWY reserved the right to amend the terms and conditions without prior notice. 

In case of any dispute, the decision of LWY Handmade Store will be final.




如發現所收貨品有任何既有的瑕疵或損壞,閣下必須在購買日後七天內發送訊息/Whatapps +852 55853431 給我們 提出辦理,貨品須連同原封包裝,收據及在〝簇新〞的情況下退回。










一經核實,請帶同貨品並出示購貨之正本單據以辦理有關手續,親臨LWY Handmade Store辦公室換取同型號的貨品。第三者代辦恕不受理。

LWY Handmade Store在接受退換貨品之前,必須檢查及驗證退貨是否符合上述要求,若無問題,方可安排退換。

LWY Handmade Store保留一切修訂條款及細則之權利,毋須另行通知。如有任何爭議,將以LWY Handmade Store之決定為最終裁判。