Calendula soap。金盞花乳皂

Calendula soap。金盞花乳皂

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About this product: Activity moisturizes your skins & prevent skin inflammatory.
關於此產品: 保濕及滋潤度強,抗炎能力高,性質溫和。

Suited for: Aim for dry & sensitive skins.
適合: 乾性皮膚及敏感性皮膚

Ingredient: Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Palm Kernel Oil, Raw Shea Butter Virgin Unrefined, Sweet Almond Oil & Avocado Oil
成份: EV橄欖油, 棕櫚核仁油, 乳木果脂, 甜杏仁油&酪梨油。

We are trying to keep our products the most organic way as it is. Therefore, it doesn't include any fragrance oil, etc. 
LWY的產品都是純天然的, 絕無其他添加劑或香精。


Each of our awesome soap comes with individually packaged in a sliding box. Approximately size: 4cm*8.7cm*9cm
盒子尺寸:  4cm*8.7cm*9cm